SDC tags do not run on newer browsers


Webtrends On Premises 9.x
Webtrends On Premises 8.x


When using SDC JavaScript tags you are missing hits from newer versions of browsers.You have added HTML comment blocks to your inline tag code.


Remove the comment blocks.

In the past some JavaScript programmers would add HTML comment blocks inside a JavaScript section to prevent older browsers with no JavaScript support from displaying the script text. For example:

  <script type=”text/javascript”>
        The js code;

Newer XML compliant browsers will honor the HTML comment block and ignore the JavaScript code inside the block. The JavaScript tag code does not run on the browser with XML support. If the tag does not run you will not get any tracking information.

The older browsers that required the HTML comment blocks are no longer supported by any browser developer and do not work correctly on many web sites. Newer browsers that do not run JavaScript will recognize a script section and know not to display the contents. The comment blocks are no longer needed.

Adding comment blocks inside Webtrends tag code is not recommended and is not supported by Webtrends. Remove the comment blocks for the code to work correctly.