Scheduler extract shows lower measurement sum than report interface


Webtrends On Premises 9.x
Webtrends On Premises 8.7d


A Data Scheduler extract displays metrics lower than those shown in the user interface. As the report data is a subset of the analysis data, it is expected that Data Scheduler extracts, based on the full analysis data, will display higher report metrics than what is available in the user interface.


There are two tables used in Webtrends Analytics, the Analysis table, (the total data set used in analysis for that report), and the Report table (what shows in reports in the user interface). The Analysis table is typically three to ten times the size of the Report table.

If the Report table size is exceeded, the number of individual dimensional items will be too large for the set table size, and an “Other” category will appear at the bottom of the report. This number is added to the measurements from the displayed items. If the Analysis table size is too small, Data Scheduler extracts will not have an “Other” category. Items that do not fit in the Analysis table will not be included in the Data Scheduler extract.

Increase the Analysis table limit to ensure it is higher than the total number of unique analysis elements expected. The full data is in the raw log files so replaying/reanalyzing the profile data will add the missed elements to the reports.