Scheduled reports contain no images


Webtrends Analytics 9.2
Webtrends Analytics 9.3
Webtrends Analytics 9.4


Scheduled reports do not render images (trend graphs, bar graphs, logos, etc.) for PDF file types.


This has been resolved in version 9.5.1. Please contact Webtrends Technical Support for information on upgrading.

For older versions this issue can be rectified by selecting the “Save to file” option along with the “Email the Report” option in the Report Destinations tab of the Scheduled Job. Follow the steps below to add the “Save to File” option.

  1. Login to Webtrends.
  2. Go to Administration > Job Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs.
  3. Find your current Scheduled Job and click Action > Edit or create New Scheduled Job.
  4. Under Report Destinations, the “Email the Report” box should already be checked if currently modifying the report.
  5. Add a check in the box “Save the report to the location specified below”.
  6. Make sure to enter the location and provide a filename (e.g., C:\report.pdf).
  7. Check the box for “Overwrite existing file”.
  8. Click Save.