Scheduled exports of reports in auto-populated folders


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


When attempting to schedule an export of a report contained in an auto-populated folder (such as a Path Analysis), no option is available after selecting the template.


Some reports are not individually added to a template. These reports are only added to a template by means of a folder that is automatically populated with reports that contain data. Such reports include:

Path Analysis reports
Scenario Analysis reports
URL Parameter reports


These reports cannot be exported as part of a template or selected when creating a standard scheduled export. It is possible to create an individual scheduled export by viewing the report and selecting “scheduled export” under the “Export Reports” tab. However, if the scheduled job is edited after the creation of this report the report may still not be selected from the template. It is recommended that exports are not created in this fashion. If you need the data to be exported as part of a template, the report should be recreated as a custom report.