Scheduled export fails and returns WebTrends server error ID: 98


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


A notification is received containing the following error message:

Your WebTrends scheduled report could not be generated. The below error occurred during generation of the report.
If you have any questions, please contact WebTrends Support.

Error message:

Error occurred while trying to connect to the WebTrends server.
Possible causes for this problem include network configuration
errors, shutdown of the WebTrends server, proxy configuration
errors, or failure of a system in the network between this
computer and the WebTrends server.

WebTrends server error ID: 98


Before implementing the solution below, verify no network connectivity issues exist and that all nodes are able to communicate with one another. Also verify the mail server is configured to allow scheduled jobs to be exported.

This solution will require using a database editor to modify the system database, as well as the necessary credentials with which it can be accessed.
1. Log into the database editor and open the wtmaster database.

2. Edit the wt_globalsetting table.

3. Find the record with the SettingName of “Scheduled Reports URL”.

4. Give this record a SettingValue the same as the URL of the Webtrends user interface server. For instance, if the user interface server is webtrends1 and webtrends is on port 80, the SettingValue would be “http://webtrends1:80” (without quotes). If this example used SSL, the SettingValue would be “https://webtrends1:443”.

5. Restart the “Webtrends – Scheduler Agent” and “Webtrends – User Interface” services.

6. Log into the Webtrends user interface and schedule a one time export in order to test and verify that this issue has been resolved.