Scenario Analysis steps show no data when using semicolons in WT.si_n and WT.si_x or WT.si_p


Webtrends On Premises 9.x
Webtrends On Premises 8.x


The WT.si_n and WT.si_x (or WT.si_p) tags are used to designate the steps in a Scenario Analysis and are using multiple, semi-colon- (;) delimited values for each parameter. These values are present in the log files, yet no report data is available to indicate this.


When the number of values for WT.si_n do not match up with the number of values for WT.si_x or WT.si_p, Webtrends will omit data for all WT.si values.

As an example, a log file contains the following values:


The above example contains two matched pairs (A and B, matched to 1 and 2) but lacks the third WT.si_p parameter to complement the value for parameter C in the first expression. Adding a third WT.si_p value (as shown below) will allow Webtrends to process all three step values and then display them in reports.