Reports containing Time Period as a dimension show February 29th as March 1st


Webtrends On Premises 9.x
Webtrends On Premises 8.x


During leap years, reports containing the dimension “Time Period” (such as “Key Metrics”), label “February 29th” data as “March 1st”. Blank entries are also shown for March 1st and 2nd in the February view.


This problem only occurs during a leap year and is cosmetic only. When viewing any report containing the dimension “Time Period” and viewing February during a leap year, February 29th will be labeled as March 1st. You will also have 2 additional blank entries for March 1st and March 2nd when viewing the report. The data for March 1st in the report is February 29th when viewing the entire month of February. Also, when clicking on the month of March, the data for March is ONLY for the month of March and will not contain February 29th’s data.

Note: All daily, weekly, monthly totals are accurate in reports, this is only an issue with the way the data is labeled in the UI.