ReportExporter will not work after you moved your Config folder


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You moved your storage folder and after a uninstall/reinstall of the report exporter you still get the same message of java.lang.ClassNotFoundException.


Sometimes IIS has the wrong path for the Components Virtual Directory within the Webtrends marketing lab website.


This path may need to be corrected after the config folder inside your storage folder is moved. Check pathing for the wrc folder in IIS to make sure that all paths are valid. For the report exporter, the important path is the wrc\components folder.

To check or change this setting:
1. Open the IIS Management Console on the Server.
2. Expand Websites
3. Expand WRC
4. In the main window there will be a path for Component– check to see if the path is right.
5. To Change path to component, right click on Component and goto properties.
6. Change the Path in this window to the component Subfolder of the config folder relative to the UI Machine. (if not correct)