Referrer reports truncate the query string of lengthy referrer URLs


Webtrends On Premises 9.x
Webtrends On Premises 8.x


Dynamic pages (such as .asp and .cfm) can make it difficult to use the Referrers report for identifying the specific page a visitor came from. This can be addressed by configuring Webtrends to display up to 100 characters of the query string in the Referrers report.


1. Navigate to the following location on the Webtrends server:


2. Open the following file:


3. Locate the following line:

referrerquerytruncatelength =

4. Add a value between 1 and 100. This determines how much of the query string is displayed.

Example: referrerquerytruncatelength =100

Query string parameters must be logged in the referrer field in the log files in order for the query string to display in reports. If query string parameters still do not display after completing the steps above, review the log files to confirm that they were captured into the referrer field.