Profile-level filters based on parameters with multiple values return too few hits


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


A profile-level filter based on the value of a parameter like WT.sp or WT.cg_n has multiple values in a hit separated by a semicolon. For example:


Reports in the profile show no hits, or less hits than are expected. The profile does not include hits where the filter definition is one of multiple values for the parameter occurring in the same hit.


Profile filters use the entire string as the filter and does not separate them into semicolon delimited values. Instead of using the parameter value as an individual filter definition, create a filter that searches for the parameter value as part of a string instead.

For example, using wildcards in a text string will return all variations of “My_Value” for the WT.sp parameter:

WT.sp = *My_Value*

If there are values that might match but should be excluded, e.g., WT.sp=This_My_Value and WT.sp= My_Value_Two, a Regular Expression (RegEx) can be used for an exact match. Multiple values are separated by semicolons so this must be included in the match.

Example: ^My_Value$|;My_Value$|;My_Value;|^My_Value;

This RegEx evaluates as follows:
Match where
Exact value by itself from start of string (^) to the end of the string ($)

OR (|)

Exact value at the end of the string ($) after a semicolon

OR (|)

Exact value in the middle of a string flanked by semicolons

OR (|)

Exact value at the start of a string (^)