Pages hang while loading wtid.js in Internet Explorer


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Upon loading a page in Internet Explorer that uses the Webtrends JavaScript tag, the status bar stays at “Downloading http…/wtid.js” indefinitely. Alternatively, the browser may also crash and later recover.


Examine the script blocks on the page that contain the Webtrends JavaScript tag to see if the code contains a “defer” attribute. For example:

<script TYPE="text/javascript" defer="true">

This tells Internet Explorer it does not need to parse and execute the script and can continue downloading and parsing the page instead. This can result in the Webtrends tag being parsed and fired out of order, and may also cause the browser to crash.

Even if the browser does not crash, the failure to load wtid.js will result in the generation of a client-side ID, which would be unable to track cross-domain traffic.

Also note that this is not how Webtrends distributes the tag; this is considered a customization of the tag and is outside the scope of Webtrends Technical Support.