On-site links appear with page titles prefixed by Offsite:


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


In the Pages report and other reports based on the Pages dimension, some page titles are prefixed with “Offsite:” for links that are not offsite, but are, in fact, from the same domain.


This results from using relative links on the domain’s web pages and a tag is not used. The purpose of a tag is to specify the default URL and target for all links when an absolute path is not used.


The following is an example of a relative path:

<a href="/index.aspx">Link</a>

The web server will access files as needed, but no value will be logged in the cs-host field for the domain because it is not referenced. Inclusion of a tag will prefix the designated value to all relative paths, as shown in the example below:

<base href=”http://www.webtrends.com” />
<a href=”/index.aspx”>Link</a>

When the link is clicked and the page loaded, the value of the tag will populate the cs-host field which would have otherwise been empty because of the relative path.

The tag created by Tag Builder at http://tagbuilder.webtrends.com contains the following line of code:


This value designates domains to be considered as on-site when the box under Event Tracking > Track the following > Off-site links has been checked and domains have been added to the “Track these domains as on-site” field. Any URL leading to a domain other than what is specified within the quotes will be considered an off-site link, displaying “Offsite:” in the page titles.

If, for example, the primary domain is “mycompany.com” but the additional domains of “myproducts.com” and “myservices.com” are considered part of the primary domain, the following line of code will result in pages from these sites displaying without the “Offsite:” prefix:


When a client uses the tag to support relative links, the base href must include the exact value of this.onsitedoms. In absolute links, the domain also must match the value of this.onsitedoms. Problems typically occur when the client drops the www or uses it irregularly. For example, in combination with this.onsitedoms=”domain.com”; will result in all links to www.domain.com being considered offsite links. To correct this issue, ensure that both of these values are an exact match.