Offsite links in the Offsite Links report display None


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


All entries in the Offsite Links report display as “None.” The following configuration is used:

  • SmartSource Data Collector logs
  • The page view definition uses the WT.dl parameter
  • The built-in Offsite Links report has been applied to the profile
  • The offsite link tracking module has been included in the JavaScript tag


This happens because the Offsite Links report uses the “Pages” dimension and the page view definition in the profile uses the WT.dl=0 parameter to define a page. Because offsite links are logged as WT.dl=24, the hits are not considered pages.


There are two possible solutions.

1. Make a copy of the existing Offsite Links report and replace the “Pages” dimension with the “URL” dimension.

2. Edit the profile and under Analysis > Page View Definitions, change the page view definition to “Any hit” (or change the global page view definition to be “Any hit” if applicable).