Offsite links are not populating due to other filters on the profile


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Offsite links are not being shown in the pages report.


A filter on the profile, specifically a Multi-homed domain filter (including only data from domainA.com, where the data source has data for domainA.com and domainB.com) will not allow Offsite link clicks to be shown due to the fact that Offsite links will not match a domain include filter. The example below explains how to include offsite link clicks originating from domainA.com.


An offsite links include filter must be created and applied to the profile to ensure their inclusion in the reports. To create our Offsite links filter, follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Administration” > “Web analysis” > “Options” > “Hit Filters” and select “New.”
  2. Give the filter a descriptive name and select “Include/Exclude activity based upon the following Active Hit Filter Parameters.”
    1. Check ‘URL’
    2. Click ‘Next’
    3. Click ‘New’ (page expression should be left with the value ‘*’)
      • In the parameter name field, type “WT.es” and use a parameter value of “*domainA.com”
      • Select “Done.”
    4. Click ‘New’ again.
      • In the parameter name field, type “WT.dl” and use a parameter value of 24 (checking the radio button for “Numeric”).
      • Select “Done.”
    5. Verify the settings and select “Save.”
    6. Apply the filter to the profile as follows:
      • Navigate to “Administration” > “Web Analysis” > “Reports & Profiles” and edit the profile(s) to which it will be applied.
      • Select the “Advanced” tab, then select “Hit Filters” and enable the Offsite links filter.

This filter will apply to all new data for the profile. Historic data will not be affected. A reanalysis is required to apply the filter to historic data.

More information

This same process can be used for other events captured under WT.dl. Refer to WT.dl Values and Functionality for more information on the Unified Event Model.