Off-site link tracking does not appear to work even though the feature was selected in Tag Builder


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


A Webtrends JavaScript tag generated by Webtrends Tag Builder does not display certain off-site links although the “Off-site links” option was selected under Event Tracking and the domains were entered into the field.


The “Off-site links” option under Event Tracking is used to enable tracking of visitor clicks on links from a tagged site to a third-party site. The field labeled “Track these domains as on-site” allows a user to specify additional domains to be considered under the umbrella of the primary domain. In most cases, these domains will be sites controlled by the parent organization. This field is not meant to include third-party sites to which links lead.


To add sites considered part of the parent organization, enter the domains in the field, separated by a comma. Do not include the protocol. Example:

localhost, webtrends.corp

The resulting tag will attribute activity on the additional domains entered as occurring on the primary site. Clicks on links to other sites that were not added will prefix report page titles with “Offsite:”.