How do I run a Report Exporter intermediate file (.wtxml or .wtx)?


Webtrends Analytics 9.2
Webtrends Analytics 8.7


In the course of troubleshooting a Report Exporter issue, an intermediate file has been generated and must be run from a local system. The file will have either a .wtxml or .wtx extension.


One of the troubleshooting options in the docutil.properties for the Report Exporter is “Debug.SaveIntermediateFile”. When set to “true”, a file with a .wtx extension will be created in the same directory in which the export is being saved. If the Report Exporter isn’t getting far enough to start the export process, a file with a .wtxml extension is saved in the temp directory for the user, which is the following path by default:

C:\documents and settings\\Local Settings\temp

To access this location quickly, navigate to Start > Run and type “%temp%” (without quotation marks).

1. Locate the file, right-click on it and select “Properties.” The file properties dialogue box displays.

2. On the General tab, next to the “Opens with:” entry, select the Change… button. The “Open with” dialogue box displays.

3. Select “Browse…” and navigate to the Report Exporter installation path.

4. Select wtdocutil.bat, then click Open and click Ok to close the previous windows.

Double-clicking the intermediate file will now open it with the Report Exporter.