High rate of visitors not accepting cookies in the New vs. Returning Visitors report


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


A tagbuilder or SDC tag is deployed on the site yet the New vs Returning Visitors report shows 80-99% of the visitors are not accepting cookies.


1. The “this .fpcdom” setting within the tagbuilder tag does not match the domain of the site of where it is deployed.
2. The “var gFpcDom” setting within thetag does not match the domain of the site of where it is deployed.

3. A new tag has been deployed with a wildcard domain. A wildcard has a leading period (.) and looks like “.domain.com”. This cookie example is accepted by all domains that have the root “.domain.com”. This results in a high number of “WT.vt_f=3” parameters in the log.


Prevent this problem by ensuring the “fpcdom” setting on any new tags always match the setting on the tag being replaced. If you are already in this situation do the following:

– Decide on which setting you want to keep. It is typically desirable to keep the wildcard value. Set the current tag “fpcdom” setting to the desired value.
– Write a JavaScript snippet to run above the Webtrends tag that deletes a cookie with the specified domain. The other cookie should remain intact.
Example: document.cookie=”name=WT_FPC; domain=www.domain.com; expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT”
– Allow the snippet to remain on your website until the number of “User Not Accepting Cookies” drops to a consistently low level. Then remove it.
Note: When there is a mismatch the WT_FPC isn’t created. Third-party cookies, however, are generated but most browsers do not accept third-party cookies.