Files do not display in the Downloaded Files report for dynamic web sites


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Your site uses dynamic URLs but URLs based off of file types, such as the Downloaded Files report, do not display the expected results.


This may result from the way the site handles URLs. For example, the following URL may look like something that should appear in the Downloaded Files report by default:
It does not, however, display because Webtrends would read this as http://www.example.com/externalfile without an associated file extension. This is due to the question mark (?) preceding the word “path.” The question mark delineates the URI stem and the query string and as a result, the file name is ignored because everything that follows is included among the query parameters.
This can usually be resolved by using the URL Search & Replace feature. In this example, we can create a new, recognizable, URL by creating the following URL Search & Replace definition:
In the user interface, navigate to Report Configuration > URL Search/Replace.
Select “New” to create a new URL Search and Replace definition.
Enter a name in the Name field.
In the Replace From drop-down menu, select Start of first and specify “?path” as the text to replace in the field that appears below.
In the Up To drop-down menu, select End of next and specify “=www.example.com”
Do no check the box for Replace to End of String if pattern is not found, and leave the With field blank.
This will convert the following URL:
…to the URL shown below:
Note: Only the first matching URL Search & Replace definition for any single log file record is used.