Error – System cannot be stopped when it is not currently started.


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


When using the systemshutdown.exe executable to shutdown all services within webtrends to make a backup, the error “Error – System cannot be stopped when it is not currently started” displays and the system fails to shut down.


At some point in the past, entries in the wt_systemstate table were not cleared, and the wt_systemstate table must be empty when the system starts.


To resolve this issue, perform the steps below:

1. Stop all the Webtrends Scheduler Services so no jobs are running.
2. Backup the wtmaster and wt_sched databases (to be safe).
3. In SQL Management Studio or SQLCMD, connect to the wt_sched database and run the following delete statement:

  • DELETE FROM WT_SystemState;
Once this has completed, the systemshutdown option can be run from the following location:


Example of a successful execution of systemshutdown:

D:\Program Files\WebTrends\modules\analysis>systemshutdown mode=stop
System Shutdown/Startup Tool
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=============== System Shutdown/Startup Tool Started ===============
System Successfully Stopped
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