Error: ‘REJECT: Log record time is out-of-bounds in file.’


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


This message indicates that a record has been found that is out of
chronological time sequence. The message can be found in the profile’s
status log, which is located within the following directory of Webtrends:
The name of the status log will be the file name associated with your
profile, which can be found under the *General* tab when editing a profile.


By default, records that are more than thirty seconds out of order are
thrown out during the log file analysis. Normally, a few records such as
this are not a cause for concern. To determine if these messages are a
matter of concern, compare the number of records being thrown out to the
total number of records contained in the log files being analyzed.
Generally, if the percentage of records discarded is under 2-3%, there is no
need for concern.