Error Message: You are not authorized to view this page


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


After installing or upgrading Webtrends, you receive the following message:

“You are not authorized to view this page.”
and/or you receive a browser 401.x unauthorized message.


The Webtrends Marketing Lab website in IIS uses the default IUSR account credentials to access the web pages it serves, and in most environments this user has “Guest” access only. This will prevent the Webtrends website from accessing content or application components properly.


To resolve this issue go to Start > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment and note the policies with which the Guests group is associated. If the Guests or IUSR account is in “Deny access to this computer from the network” or any other Deny rights, remove them from that restriction. No restart is required after this has been done.