DX/REST search parameter is ignored when pulling data


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


You are trying to pull data from either Webtrends On Demand or a Webtrends Analytics software installation using a DX/REST call and want to filter that data with a search value. The URL you are using looks something like:

https://yourdomain/v2_0/ReportService/profiles/{Profile ID}/reports/{Report ID}/?period=2024m03*3&totals=none&measures=Hits-0&format=xml&search=1

The resulting data set includes all report data, not just data that matches the search value.


When you use the ‘*’ method of defining a date range, you are telling Webtrends to return trending (interval) data. This data is not indexed for searching, and is equivalent to the data used by the Webtrends UI for generating the trending graphs on top of your reports.

DX/REST has no built in method for pulling data ranges such as ‘week by day’ or ‘month by day’ or ‘month by week’. Instead, when you want to pull data for a range (such as, ‘all of the days in week 13’) rather than use the ‘*’, you must actually do an individual data pull for each day. You can hard code these pulls into something like an Excel spreadsheet, or automate them with a more complex macro or custom written program. The individual data sets can then be composited using any 3rd party tool you want.