Combining both url and smartsource identification string scenarios in the same profile may cause data loss


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You have multiple scenario analysis in the same profile. These scenarios involve at least some of the same pages. Some scenarios are based on Page Expression and others are based on Smartsource Identification Strings (wt.si_n, wt.si_x).

The scenario using Smartsource Identification Strings show 0 visits even the page based Scenario Analysis using the exact same pages shows data. You have confirmed the Smartsource Identification Strings exist in the log files for the desired pages.
URL Search and Replace is not being used, so there’s no other obstruction to seeing the query parameters.


When you create a new scenario, you have a choice between using page based Scenario Analysis or Smartsource Identification String based Scenario analysis. If you are using paged based Scenario Analysis, do not fill out the box labeled “SmartSource Identification String” in the first page of the Scenario Analysis form. This will cause an issue in generating a table for the SmartSource Identification String based Scenario Analysis.
This issue can occur if you are creating scenarios by copying other scenarios. If you choose to make a new page based scenario by copying another scenario that was already using SmartSource Identification Strings, delete the contents of the SmartSource Identification Stringbox.