Analysis fails, citing “out of page views” but page views are still available


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Analysis of profiles fail and the status logs state licensed page views have been exhausted. A review of the Licensing section of the user interface indicates page views are available.


This may result from attempting to analyze log files with a timestamp from the previous anniversary year (in which all licensed page views were used). The analysis is failing because it is trying to analyze in a year in which no more page views are available.

Use the steps below to determine the page view count for the previous year.

1. Open a command line window and navigate into the following directory:


2. Type the following command:

wtlicman -s

3. At the bottom of the output, all anniversary years display with their respective page view count.

Assuming licensed page views have been exhausted for a previous anniversary year, to analyze log files from the year that follows, modify the data source paths or the profile start date to be a day that falls within the new anniversary year. If it is necessary to analyze the time period from when licensed page views were exhausted through to the new anniversary year, a page view add-on will be required to increase the annual licensed page view limit.