An error occurred while attempting to validate your license key. The license key is not valid.


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


During the product installation, after entering the license key the following messages display in a pair of pop-ups:

“An error occurred while attempting to validate your license key.”

“The license key is not valid.”


Webtrends includes the files ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll, an OpenSSL tookit and encryption library used in secure communications. Other applications also use these files, such as Crystal Reports and Track-it!, and they may overwrite or modify it when you install them. This error manifests when another application installs different versions of the dlls to the \Windows\System32 folder. Windows searches its system directory before looking for a file in the application’s installation path, and as a result, the file mismatch causes attempts at licensing to fail.


First verify that the license key being used is valid. This can be done by entering the letter “E” in place of the license key when prompted. If allowed to proceed, contact Webtrends Technical Support at (503) 223-3023 as this may result from a different issue.

To resolve this issue, uninstall the application that installed the other version of the dll, then attempt to install Webtrends again. You may also manually remove the sleay32.dll and thelibeay32.dll file from \Windows\system32 prior to installation.