Why does my report show translated and untranslated values?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


When viewing a report that uses a translation file, both translated and untranslated values appear in the report


Typically, data in a report is updated on a daily basis. As each analysis occurs, the previous data remains unaffected and new data is added. When using translation files, the analysis will check the file for the latest values and translate new data into that value. If a translation file was not present, or not updated during an analysis, the values in the report will appear as untranslated. Later, when the value appears in the translation file, the translated value will begin to appear in the report for newly analyzed data. This can cause both translated and untranslated values to appear in a report, especially when viewing larger time periods such as monthly period.


To address this, either manually aggregate the metrics for the untranslated and translated value together, or restore/replay the profile back to a previous date. A restore/replay of a profile will set the profile back to a date in the past, then analyze the profile forward with the current settings as if it has never seen the new data. This will overwrite the untranslated values for those days and combine them into the single translated value.