What version of SharePoint does Webtrends tracking work with


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint involves three main components. The primary component is the Webtrends SharePoint plugin which collects the SharePoint specific information such as username, breadcrumb, list information, and document actions. An additional, commonly used, component is the Webtrends for SharePoint User Info Collector which is a SharePoint full trust solution that collects certain fields form the SharePoint user’s profile. Therefore, this solution requires the SharePoint User Profile service and commonly the User Profile Synch Service to be configured and running. Finally, the Webtrends for SharePoint Install Wizard deploys and activates a SharePoint full trust solution which deploys the base Webtrends tag, load file, and Webtrends SharePoint plugin to selected site collections as well as deploying and activating the User Info Collector.


Webtrends supports installing tracking code on the following versions of SharePoint:

SharePoint 2010 (all versions)
SharePoint 2013 (all versions)
SharePoint Online (aka Office 365)

Based on the version of SharePoint you are installing to, certain deployment methods may not be available.

Install Method SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Online
/ Office 365
Wizard Supported Supported Not Supported*
PowerShell Supported Supported Not Supported*
Manual Tagging Supported Supported Supported
Webtrends Advanced Analytics App Not Supported Supported Supported
* SharePoint Online does not support full trust solutions. Therefore, the User Info Collector is not supported.

Please note that for On Premises Webtrends installations, the 9.x version of the SmartSource Data Collector is required.

More Information

Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint documentation –http://help.webtrends.com/en/sharepoint/
Information gathered by User Info Collector –http://kb.webtrends.com/Information/What-SharePoint-User-Profile-properties-does-the-User-Info-Collector-collect/