What is the logic used to populate the browsers and systems reports?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The browsers and systems reports include information identified in the user agent string provided by each visitors’ browser. This is matched against values in the browsers.ini file to provide reporting on browsers, platforms, and wireless devices.


The determination of the platform is performed independent of the browsers and devices. It is based on a string match of the user agent to values in the “log1” fields in the [Platforms] section of browsers.ini. The matches are case-insensitive and the last match found is the one that will appear in the Platforms report.

After the platform has been determined, an independent process looks for the browser and device. The [Browsers] section is searched until the first match is found in the “log” field, and this entry is included in the Browsers report. The number immediately after the browser in the user agent is used to identify the browser version.

Browsers that can possibly be wireless or non-wireless contain a “ispossiblewireless=1” setting in the [Browsers] section of browsers.ini. If this line exists then the logic proceeds to look for a match in the [WirelessBrowsers] section, otherwise processing is complete.

The [WirelessBrowsers] section is searched in the same way as [Browsers], and the first match, if any, is included in the Mobile Browsers report.

Finally, only if a wireless browser match was found, the logic proceeds to look for a device in the [Devices] section. The string found after each “DeviceNNN=” entry is searched and the first match is used to populate the Mobile Devices and Mobile Browser reports.