What do the DLLs in the SharePoint Analytics Install Wizard do?


Webtrends SharePointAnalytics Installer


The DLLs purpose/functionality syncs up pretty well with the WSP of the same name.

Webtrends.Sharepoint.AdvancedAnalytics.dll is the base analytics feature that deploys the tags and makes sure they are in the page.

Webtrends.Sharepoint.UserInfo.dll pulls the user profile fields listed at http://help.webtrends.com/en/sharepoint/#userinfo_collector_parameters.html into the page so the tags can pick them up. This is how we get the user information.

If you are curious what user profile fields we use as the basis for the parameters in the above link, it?s documented in http://kb.webtrends.com/Information/What-SharePoint-User-Profile-properties-does-the-User-Info-Collector-collect/?q=user+info+collector&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1