What are valid values for the Webtrends media parameters?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


As of Webtrends Analytics 8.7d, Webtrends no longer supports streaming media log files. As an alternative to this, Webtrends now reserves the WT.clip_n, WT.clip_t, and WT.clip_ev parameters to record media events.

The parameters represent the following:

WT.clip_n – Media name (e.g., newsclip.mp4)
WT.clip_t – Media type (egg., Quicktime)
WT.clip_ev – Media event (e.g., view)

The following WT.clip_ev values are used within Webtrends media reports:
25 (25%)
50 (50%)
75 (75%)
p (Plays)
f (Completes)

These are open-ended in that they can have any values up to 512 characters in length. They are used in the following custom reports in Webtrends Analytics 8.7d and above as well as Webtrends On Demand:

Media Usage
Media Type Summary

With the YouTube plugin, the following media parameters are sent. Acceptable parameters are listed below each.

WT.clip_ev – Media event (e.g., view)
-play, pause, resume, seek, end
WT.clip_perc – Percentage
-25, 50, 75, 100
WT.clip_secs – Seconds viewed
WT.clip_q – Video Quality
-value based on what is passed
WT.clip_t – Video type (egg., Quicktime)
-value based on what is passed
WT.clip_n – Video name (e.g., newsclip.mp4)
-value based on what is passed

These parameters can also be used in custom reports in any supported version of Webtrends.