What are the WT.er parameters?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The WT.er parameters, specifically WT.er, WT.er_th, and WT.er_st, are part of Webtrends’ Mobile SDKs. By default, the wt_dc_use_uncaught_exception_handler operational setting is set to true, which causes a hit to be sent to the data collection server in the event of an error.

These parameters contain the following information:

WT.er – The error message
WT.er_th – Thread information
WT.er_st – Stack trace

All of these parameters conform to the 512 parameter length restriction and are intended for use in determining the frequency and severity of errors if you choose to create a report that utilizes them. If you are still developing your application, it may be best to set wt_dc_use_uncaught_exception_handler to false so the errors are exposed and can be found and corrected in a more timely manner.

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