What are the current versions of products supported by Webtrends?


Webtrends Analytics


All products go through different phases during their lifecycle; the length of each phase may vary according to the actual product. These phases include:

  • Beta– During a product Beta Webtrends will provide support, during normal working hours, for the product.Beta code is only available to customers with a current support plan agreement who have been accepted into a Beta program.
  • General Availability– Webtrends will provide support and maintenance offerings, which will allow you to choose the most appropriate level of support for your organization.Maintenance offerings will consist of maintenance releases, service packs and/or hot fixes.Hot fixes and service packs are not available for all products.Support services include, but not limited to Knowledge Base, Online support, and Phone support during business hours. 24 hourphone support is also extended on weekends (and holidays) forPremium support plan customers experiencing SEV1 or SEV2 (data loss) issues.
  • Continued Support? When a replacing version is released, Webtrends may offer limited support on the prior versions answering usage questions only.Defects considered high severity may be fixed during this stage.No other defects or feature requests will be considered while the product is in this phase of the life cycle.Technical Support reserves the right to request the customer to upgrade to the current version, only available with a current support plan agreement.
  • Sunset Period? In the final year of a product?s lifecycle Webtrends will continue to provide support for the product. Providing technical support does not imply that Webtrends will fix software defects or make changes to the software.Webtrends will continue to make Knowledge Base articles available for a further period beyond this end date.Webtrends will not accept support requests for versions after they have been in the sunset period for more than 12 months or for products available at no charge.
  • End of Life? 12 months after entering the Sunset Period, the product is End of Life and no longer supported.Customerscanpurchase up to an additional 12 months to extend the Sunset period for some products.Please contact your account manager for details.

More Information

Webtrends Analytics
Webtrends Analytics was previously known by the following names: Webtrends (Enterprise, Professional, Small Business, Basic), Webtrends Reporting Center (WRC), and Log Analyzer (Log).
  • Webtrends Analytics 9.2a,b, and d- Sunset- Withdrawal Date: 8/2023
  • Webtrends Analytics 9.3 -Continued Support- Withdrawal Date: TBA
  • Webtrends Analytics 9.4 -General Availability- Withdrawal Date: –
Webtrends SmartSource Data Collector(SDC):
Webtrends SmartSource Data Collector was previously known as Webtrends Data Collection Server (DCS).
  • SDC 9.2 – Sunset – Withdrawal Date: 8/2023
  • SDC 9.3 – General Availability – Withdrawal Date: N/A
Please Note: Any Products or Versions not listed are End of Life and are no longer supported.