Visits by Country in the Countries report don’t match those in the Geographic Drilldown


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The Countries report shows a different number of visits for one or more countries than are shown for the same country in the Geographic Drilldown report.


This is typically caused by table limiting. The Countries report only tracks the individual countries and generates a sum from that. The Geographic Drilldown report starts with City, then works up in the drill-down hierarchy to State/Province, then to Country and finally to Continent. Since each combination of City+State/Province+Country+Continent counts towards the report limit, only the highest-ranked entries are shown. Other entries are placed into an Other category. When determining visits for each country, the Geographic Drilldown report takes the sum of the entries listed below that country. As some of these entries may be placed into the Other bucket instead of under the country due to report limits, the number of visits for the country will appear be lower in comparison to the Countries report.

The solution to this would be to increase the Geographic Drilldown’s report limit. Keep in mind that due to the number of possible locations, it is still unlikely that all possible entries will be reported and the numbers may still differ.

More Information

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