Using Tag Builder code with an existing dcsMultiTrack implementation


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


When creating a new tag in Tag Builder, the following message appears after clicking “More Help” next to any of the Event Tracking options:

If you have already implemented dcsMultiTrack for web site tracking and this is your first time using the Tag Builder tag, please consult with WebTrends Support or Services before you use any of the on-page event tracking functions listed below.


This intent of this message is to ensure conflicts between legacy code and the Tag Builder’s code do not occur. The Tag Builder’s tag does not take into account existing dcsMultiTrack calls, and as dcsMultiTrack calls function independently of each other, there is a possibility of events being counted twice if new code is added and the previous code is not removed. When changes are made to the tag, Webtrends recommends testing functionality on test pages copied from the production server to verify no issues affect performance and accuracy.