Support for Japanese collated databases and operating systems


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Do we support an installation that contains a database using Japanese Collation?


Upgrading and installing Webtrends on supported versions of Windows running native non-Latin character sets is provisionally supported provided supported versions of MS-SQL Server offer the same native language collation methods for databases. For example, installing and upgrading to Webtrends 9.2b is provisionally supported in Japanese native Windows and MS-SQL Server. Webtrends has verified surface functionality of the upgrade process with internal and external resources, with the provision that the upgrade takes place on the same native language environment as the base install. This means that remote upgrades will also be performed in native language environments matching the Webtrends source install, and that you may not change languages or database collations as part of an upgrade.

More Information

Support for these installation and upgrade methods extends to errors reproducible in English language versions of Webtrends, or translation or encoding errors. Potential defects or errors that are traced to specific interactions with the Webtrends product suite and localized versions of Windows and SQL-Server will necessarily need to be reproduced in a development environment with Latin collation for SQL-Server and Latin locale for Windows. Webtrends will not consider fixing errors that occur only in non-Latin installations.