Support for automatic methods in iOS


Webtrends 9.x


The Webtrends iOS SDK doesn’t support using automatic events when an app’s delegate inherits from anything other than NSObject. A workaround is to leave the UIResponder as it is, intercept any events of interest from UIApplicationDelegate, and manually add track events to each using [self trackEvent].

Here is a list of events that you get when you enable automatic methods:

  1. applicationDidFinishLaunching – App start (home screen)
  2. didFinishLaunchingWithOptions – App start (notification or registered URL)
  3. didReceiveRemoteNotification – App notification
  4. applicationWillTerminate – App exit
  5. applicationDidEnterBackground – Background
  6. applicationWillEnterForeground – Foreground

Note that enabling automatics is completely optional. If enabling automatics is causing a break in your app, there is no need to subclass WTAppDelegate. Instead, you can implement the methods manually for the events that you would like to track for launch using the “trackEvent” call.