Server Error in Application Smartsource Data Collector


SmartSource Data Collector v9.x


After installing the v9 SmartSource Data Collector, you receive the following message when requesting the dcs.gif image:
Server Error in Application “SMARTSOURCE DATA COLLECTOR”
HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found
The physical path will show as:
%install_dir%SmartSource Data Collectordcwebrootdcs.gif

(where %install_dir% refers to the installation directory of the SDC application)


This can be caused by the default path to the SDC root directory within IIS, but this solution isnot a fix for all situationswhere this error is displayed.
1. Open IIS Manager

2. Expand “Sites.”

3. Click on the “SmartSource Data Collector” website so that it is highlighted.

4. Click on “Basic Settings” in the right hand “Actions” menu.

5. Add a trailing backslash to the “Physical Path” text box (dcwebroot instead of dcwebroot).

6. Click Ok and exit out of IIS Manager.

7. Perform an IIS Reset.