Opting out of Tracking Cookies


Webtrends Analytics


You would like to opt out of being tracked by any Webtrends tracking code.


Webtrends is a web analytics company. Our software solely works as an agent for our customers (websites) to help them understand the aggregate content preferences, purchase behavior, and navigation of visitors to their website. The only reason that you will see any evidence of Webtrends on your machine is because you visited one of our customer’s websites. Our customers are among the most reputable websites that exist, such as large retailers, news sites, and manufacturers. Household names of companies that people know and trust. The data that the software collects on behalf of our customers is aggregated into statistics that they can use to better tailor their websites to the interests of their customers. This data is not collected by us, only the customer who has engaged our services (and whomever they are allowed to share with via their own privacy policy). Because of this fact, we are not able to control the cookie settings of the sites that use our product. You will have to consult the customer’s privacy policy to see about opt-out.

The Webtrends’ cookie placed by the SmartSource Data Collector is used solely to help identify a visitor’s behavior over time, so our customers can understand how many people are coming back to their site, how often, and what the preferences are of their most frequent, valuable visitors. No personal information is stored in the cookie, nor do we “mine” any data from your machine.