How to modify the Visitor History Content Groups of Interest settings


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The Content Groups of Interest are the same as Content Groups, except that they are recorded in Visitor History. Visitor History must have the Content Groups of Interest check box selected for the profile in order for this data to be recorded. The WT.cg_n parameter MUST be used to define the Content Groups. Manually defined Content Groups will not populate this field in the Visitor History table.

Visitor History keeps track of the last ten Content Groups for each visitor in the table. These are rotated out in a FIFO manner. When the eleventh Content Group is recorded for a visitor, the first Content Group is dropped. The number of Content Groups that can be stored for a single visitor is configurable. However, keep in mind that adding the ability to store more than ten Content Groups will increase the size of the Visitor History table. If there are a large number of visitors stored, this can have a detrimental effect on the usage of this table.


To change this configuration, modify the following file:


In the section that contains the WT.cg_n parameter, change the value in the “storemostrecent = 10” setting to the desired number of Content Groups for storage.

Page of Interest has the same properties as the Content Groups of Interest. The only exception is the default number for storage is 20.This can be configured in the same file by modifying the same setting in the section that contains the “WT.pi” parameter, and the same storage space considerations apply.