Error: The Report UI server setting (report_ui_server) is either blank or has not been configured in the 4-table schema.


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


When editing Scheduled Jobs the following error displays:

“The Report UI server setting (report_ui_server) is either blank or has not been configured in the 4-table schema. This setting must be established manually in the database before any Scheduled Reports can be created.”


1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, select “New Query” and paste the following into the query pane:

USE wtMaster

SELECT wt_app_tokens.id AS appTokens_id, wt_app_confdata.key_id AS appconfdata_keyid, wt_app_confdata.section_id AS appconfdata_sectionid, wt_app_confdata.profile_id AS appconfdata_profileid, wt_app_confdata.data AS appconfdata_data, wt_app_confdata.id AS confdata_id
FROM wt_app_confdata INNER JOIN wt_app_tokens ON wt_app_confdata.key_id = wt_app_tokens.id WHERE (wt_app_tokens.key_name = ‘report_ui_url’)

The results should display an appTokens_id value equal to the appconfdata_keyid, and the appconfdata_data field should contain the correct server name and port. If this information is incorrect or the query returns no results, continue to the next step.

2. Select “New Query” and paste in the following:

USE wtMaster

SELECT wt_app_profiles.id AS profile_id FROM wt_app_profiles WHERE profile_name=’wtdefs.ini’ SELECT wt_app_sections.id AS section_id FROM wt_app_sections WHERE section_name=’default’ SELECT wt_app_tokens.id AS key_id FROM wt_app_tokens WHERE key_name=’report_ui_url’

The results will display a number for profile_id, section_id, and key_id. Make note of the values and the associated field names.

3. Select “New Query” and paste in the following:

set identity_insert wtmaster.dbo.wt_app_confdata on insert into wtMaster.dbo.wt_app_confdata (profile_id, section_id, key_id, data) values (‘2‘, ‘1‘, ‘9‘, ‘http://webtrends:7099‘)

…where ‘2’, ‘1’, ‘9’, and ‘http://webtrends:7099’ are substituted with the correct profile_id, section_id, key_id, and data values specific to the installation.

4. Restart the user interface server.