Enabling Visitor History exports


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The visitor history database contains information unique to each user stored and can provide you a look into a visitors behavior without creating a report to mine the visitor history database.


You can integrate visitor history data with your proprietary customer data using a business tool such as Microsoft Excel. You can configure Visitor History to export a profile’s visitor history data to a CSV file at regular intervals. Because depending on the time range selected WebTrends may overwrite the existing CSV file with each export, consider using the post-processing profile settings to copy the CSV file from the storage location before it is overwritten.

Note: You must have the Export Visitor History Database user right to enable this setting. Your license must also be provisioned for Visitor history exports.

To export visitor history data:

1. In the left pane, click Administration > Web Analysis > Reports & Profiles.
2. Edit a Standard (Full-Featured Analysis) profile that you want to collect visitor history
3. Click Analysis > Visitor History.
4. Select Export Visitor History database (as .csv file).
5. Specify how often and when to export.
6. The files will be placed in the following path: \storage\config\vhexport\<Report GUID>\ with the filename of <Report GUID>_<date range>.zip