Double-byte quotes in filter configuration


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Adding a hit or visit filter to a profile includes or excludes unintended traffic, particularly when filtering by browser string. You are using quotes to enclose a string, such as a browser agent string, directory, or cookie value.


Make sure that all quotes are normal ASCII quotes. If you are using double-byte quotes, such as those created by the “Smart Quotes” feature of Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, these will not be recognized as quotes by the Webtrends application. Instead, the contents will be treated as if the quotes were any other character.

For example, consider a hit filter to exclude browsers with the following string (using double-byte quotes):

“Code Sample Web Client”

This filter will match any browser agent string containing the words “sample” or “web” anywhere in the string. It will successfully exclude the browser agent intended, since it contains these strings,but would also exclude all traffic from the Google Chrome browser as well, as it contains the string “web” in its user agent string.

Replacing the double-byte quotes with normal ASCII quotes will correct the issue.