DB_ERROR: Memory allocation of 40800000 bytes failed


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


A profile fails and displays error messages similar to the following:

Jan-31-2010 11:55:11: DB_ERROR: Memory allocation of 40800000 bytes failed, File: database_io.cpp, Line 4084, Error Code: 0, SystemError: 8
Jan-31-2010 11:55:11: DB_ERROR_DETAIL: This error was likely caused by insufficient free memory.
Jan-31-2010 11:55:11: DB_ERROR_DETAIL: To lower memory requirements add NameTableCountsFileCountLimit=50000 ini key (or lower existing value) by manually editing the .wlp file.


This indicates the profile is using too much memory during analysis. Confirm this by looking at the statuslog for the profile and searching for lines containing “Max memory usage” which will indicate the profile’s memory utilization during analysis.

Possible methods to reduce or optimize memory utilization include the following:

  • Reduce analysis throttling
  • Enable the /3GB switch in the boot.ini
  • Decrease the number of custom reports used on the profile
  • Reduce the profile’s report periods to only daily and monthly
  • Add more physical ram to the machine
  • If using Webtrends Analytics 8.0x, 8.1x, or 8.5x, upgrade to 8.7d or higher to install Webtrends in a x64 environment.