Custom traffic source filters only work with English values


Webtrends Analytics 9.2x


Filtering on the Traffic Source parameter (WT.tsrc) only works with the default English values.


Any custom filters based on the text value of the Traffic Source parameter must be made referring to the English display value, even if the report user interface displays the values in a different language. The reason for this is because the base language used is English and while the reporting language can differ for all users who use a profile, the engine is unaware of the language preferences of the individual users who use the profile.

These are the standard values that can be used in custom report filters on the parameter WT.tsrc, regardless of the language(s) used by the users of the affected reports/profiles:

  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search
  • Referring Sites (formerly “Other Referrers” prior to the release of Analytics 10)
  • Other Campaigns (formerly “Non-Search Campaigns” prior to the release of Analytics 10)
  • Unknown Referrer (formerly “Direct Traffic” prior to the release of Analytics 10)
  • Social (introduced with the Spring 2011 release of Analytics 10)
  • Social Campaigns (introduced with the Spring 2011 release of Analytics 10)
In the future, this limitation may be eliminated by creating out-of-box available filters for each of the standard traffic source dimension values.

If you need to filter on a custom value of WT.tsrc that was placed in the hit by the JavaScript or a plug-in, use the actual value of the parameter in the custom report filter. There is only an issue when trying to create a custom filter based on one of the default values.