Custom Report level filters behavior with dimensions that use lookup tables


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


A Custom Report level filter that acts on a dimension that uses a lookup table will only filter on the translated value. The original value passed by the parameter will not be able to be filtered on. This is the case for both hit and visit filters.


As an example, consider a dimension that uses a parameter named Test and the value of ‘Test’ is passed for this parameter, with the following entry in the Lookup Table’s csv file:

If a hit filter is configured to exclude ‘Test’ for this dimension, no traffic will be excluded. If the filter is configured to exclude ‘Bar’ then any values passed for the parameter Test that are translated to ‘Bar’ (i.e. ‘Test’) will be excluded.

Note that this only affects Custom Report filters. Profile level hit and visit filters will use the untranslated value that is passed for determining whether or not to exclude traffic.