Custom Drilldown shows blank or empty rows


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


When you view a custom drilldown you see an empty row or a blank row. This is not a “None” row but a row with nothing on it.


This happens when you are using a “when to collect data” setting of “hits that match specified URL” and are filtering out results using a query parameter. For example, assume in our log we have the following 3 parameters on a single line:


Second, assume we have three custom drill-down dimensions looking for WT.L1, WT.L2, WT.L3 respectively, where L1 and L3 are collecting on ‘all hits’ and L2 is collecting on URL=* and query parameter WT.L2=L2|LY|LZ

In this case, the match criteria of URL=* works, but the L2 expression does not match what’s in the log. Webtrends inserts a blank row in the report instead of a “None” value. This has been filed with engineering as a defect.