Copied profiles only contain recent report data


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Copied profiles only display recent report data when analyzed, but the expectation was that the historical data would be present as well.


One or more of the following may be the cause:

1. The data source may be using date macros. These tell Webtrends to only check the logs for the past few days and analyze what it finds there, but ignore anything older.

2. A filter was added or removed that caused the historical data not to show. For instance, if the site structure changed and filters were updated to reflect the new structure, the historical data would be put through the new filter whereas it wasn’t on the original profile.

3. The new profile may have the log files set to start at a recent date. Check the Analysis > General tab and under Analyze Logfile(s), see if “From the Following Date” is selected and a date is populated.

4. Check with the web server administrator to see if the web logs are periodically moved out of the location the data source is referencing to be archived.