Can I use a colon ( : ) when writing comments in the webtrendssites.lst file?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.


You would like to make comments in your webtrendssite.lst file and you are using colons ( : ) in your comment lines.

#This is my Default site – http://www.mysite.com
dcs5w0txb10000wocrvqy1nqm_6n1p, -5, 1, NULL, 1, 1


The webtrendssite.lst file does not support colons when adding comment lines to the file. If a colon is used in a comment line, hits sent to the SDC will return a “NS_ERROR_NET_RESET” error. Removing colons from added comments will resolve this issue.

More Information

As a best practice, adding comments to the config files for the Smartsource Data Collector is inadvisable. The webtrendssite.lst file is especially sensitive to special characters when adding comment lines.