Analysis Engine Limitations


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The Webtrends analysis engine has limitations on the amount of characters it will parse and analyze in each field of the log file. If any of these limitations are met during analysis, the remaining characters of the field will be truncated. It will not affect other fields – these limitations are field-specific.

This will be updated as more/updated information becomes available.

Field | character limit
cs-host | 103
cs(Referrer) | 2079
cs(Cookie) | 4095
cs-uri-stem + cs-uri-query | 2079
cs-uri-stem | 255 (filename – i.e. “index” in “index.html”)
cs-uri-stem | 255 (file extension – i.e. “html” in “index.html”)
cs-uri-query | 127 (parameter name – i.e. “param” in “param=value”)
cs-uri-query | 1999 (parameter value – i.e. “value” in “param=value”)

Please note that the URI and Query stem is a combined limitation, they do not have their own unique limit.


While data collection can exceed these limits, in the eventthat data is passed that exceeds the above limits, the remainder of that stringis truncated during analysis. This is extremely important to note when itcomes to the limits for the URI & Query Stem. During collection, wewill re-order the parameter name/value pairs alphabetically in the log filehit. This can cause many of the standard Webtrends parameters (WT.x) tonot be used during analysis if a long string was passed (as the WT.xname/value pairs would be toward the end of the hit).