Additional parameters created by the Webtrends SharePoint tag


Webtrends SharePoint Tracking


The Webtrends SharePoint tag passes additional parameters to the SmartSource Data Collector that are not passed in the standard tag. These are used to populate reports created specifically for SharePoint.


These parameters are:

WT.shp_doc_a – SharePoint Document Action
WT.shp_uname – SharePoint User
WT.shp_bc – SharePoint Breadcrumb
WT.shp_wpv – SharePoint Web Part

Two different versions of the SharePoint tag are currently available.
Version 3 is designed for use with (for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013).
Version 4 is designed on for SharePoint 2013, it includes additional values not present in the version 3 tag.

Below is a list of values passed by the WT.shp_doc_a parameter.

Description V3 Value V4 Value
Download Copy DC Download
Send by Email SE Send Email
Publish Item PI Publish
Unpublish UP Unpublish
Manage Permissions MP Shared With/Manage Permissions
Manage Copies EC Manage Copies
Go To Source GS Go To Source Item
Workflows W View Workflows
Check Our CO Check Out
Discard Checkout DCO Discard Checkout
Check In CI Check In
Delete D Delete
View Properties VP View Properties
Edit Properties EP Edit Properties
Send to Other Location OL Send to Other Location
Create Document Workspace CD Create Document Workspace
New Document (Home Page) UD Upload
New Document (Ribbon) ND New Document
Edit Document ED Edit
View Version History V Version History
Rename Rename
Open in App Open in App
Open in App Online Open in App Online
View in Browser View in Browser
Edit in Browser Edit in Browser
Compliance Details Compliance Details
Connect to Outlook Connect to Outlook
Follow Follow
Set alert on this document Set alert on this document
New Folder New Folder
Copy Copy

The version 4 SharePoint tag uses the full action names and was created for SharePoint 2013. When tracking both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 using both versions of the tag will cause a mix of both values to show in the reports.

More Information

Please note that the reports these parameters populate are part of the SharePoint Report pack, which will need to be purchased through an account manager.